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JANUARY 11, 2021
MARCH 1, 2020
JUNE 3, 2021

-Unlock discounts on goods worldwide that fuel your wellbeing desires 

-Journal with us on your gratitude, monthly intentions, reflections and more

-Cultivate your own experiences with our instruction guides to help you curate at home experiences

-Print out our designs and color in the lines

-Play games, take quizzes, create art projects and get out your creative side

-Let’s see together what other smart companies have to say about our theme

-Swipe through our mini e-books to gain a better understanding of the little things you can do to make your days better, the benefits of the monthly theme, recipes and more

-Read exclusive articles on the well-being theme of the month

-Access recorded events or online experiences made just for you

-Be the first to know when the next live experience is in Barcelona 

-Sign up for our Barcelona events as a member and we get you a little something extra at each event

-Recieve discounts on GD products  


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